Online Examination Portal

Why Online Exams?

  • Online Examination will reduce the hectic job of assessing the answers given by candidate manually.
  • Response by the candidates will be checked automatically.
  • Being an integrated Examination system it will reduce Paper work.
  • The Result will be shown immediately to the participating candidate reducing the anxiety.
  • Can Generate Various Reports for Evaluation Purpose when required.
  • Online Examination is developed for educational institute school, college and private institution to conduct logic test of students or regular basis.
  • Can generate Certificate of Student.
  • Can be used anywhere anytime as it is web based Application.
  • It stores all information into the Database and can use for future reference.

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Product Function

Quick scheduling

  • The system helps the faculty member to generate an automatic exam instead of using papers.
  • Which save a time for writing, checking and for input marks.
  • Student can see the exam when he login as an individual to the system.

Immediate results and solutions

  • When the student finishes his exam, the system checks answers and compared with the correct answer.
  • The system saves the incorrect and correct answers and calculates the mark of correct answers.
  • Then give the total mark. And send a report for student to see where he is fault.

Easy to store and retrieve information

  • Rather to save the information on a papers or in separate sheets.
  • There is a data base management to store and retrieve the information needed by the administrator or Faculty member or student according a report generated by the system.

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